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Solutions for Publishers & Ad Networks, Advertisers & Agencies, Product, Mobile, Ad Tech, Data, Media Companies & Startups.

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What you should know about in-house RTB stack development

In-house RTB stack development is very challenging

Planning, developing, maintaining and scaling the bidding infrastructure is an enormous challenge both from technical and business perspective.

Unexpected costs can dissolve it's value

The most basic bidder development takes 6-12 months & costs around $1 million. Having no experience in building one may lead to even longer times and higher costs.

Ever changing landscape makes it hard to keep things up to date

Monitoring and analysis of constantly changing RTB landscape and standards to keep your bidder up to date is a 24/7 job taking a lot of time and resources.

Regular DSP is not relevant anymore

Your business is unique. So should be your bidder. Regular DSPs offer no customization options, making you operate the same way as your competitor.

The Solution

Custom Bidder

Full customizability, short time-to-market and low start-up costs

We spend our time maintaining reliable and scalable real-time bidding infrastructure so you can effectively spend yours building awesome products and growing your business


From startups to enterprises - every business can benefit from using

Self-serve DSP

Run awareness, engagement or direct response campaigns on advanced demand side platform

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White-label DSP

Boost your brand by offering your expertise in a custom- tailored experience to your clients.

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Seamlessly integrate media buying capabilities into your products

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Custom Bidder

Your own bidder in a cloud with unlimited customization options. Bring your own supply, data & bidding algorithms.

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What is required to build an innovative advertising business today?

Display, Video & Native on Web, Mobile & Connected TV

Custom Algorithms for Segmentation & Targeting

Simple and Fast 3rd Party Integration

Comprehensive Real-Time Reporting

High Security and Simple Platform Access Rules

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Open APIs for Everything

Short Time to Market

Competitive Platform Costs

Trusted by Clients & Partners

We cherish and are proud of our partners

Powering Media Buying For Brands & Agencies

Supply Partners

Measurement, Verification, Analytics


Plans designed for every business

Up to 35% off on annual plan!

Self-serve DSP

$0 / mo

  • 10%
    percentage of spend
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White label DSP

$300 / mo

  • 10%
    percentage of spend
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Production Bidder

$10 000 / mo

  • 0%
    percentage of spend
  • 25 000
    max QPS
  • 50 billion
    prepaid bid requests
  • $250
    per additional billion requests
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Enterprise Bidder

Custom / mo

  • 0%
    percentage of spend
  • Custom
    max QPS
  • Custom
    prepaid bid requests
  • Custom
    per additional billion requests
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Self-serve includes

All of these great features:

White-label includes

Everything in Self-serve, and:

Starter includes

Everything in White-label, and:

Production includes

Everything in Starter, and:

Enterprise includes

Everything in Production, and:

  • Banner, video, native ad
    media buying
  • Campaign performance reporting
  • Multiple accounts (organization, agency, advertiser)
  • Viewability, Brand Safety and Ad Fraud Protection
  • Audience data targeting
  • Contextual keyword targeting
  • Custom audience segmentation & look-alike modelling
  • White labeled UI
  • REST API Access
  • Custom domains
  • Custom audience data integrations
    (1st party,
    3rd party)
  • Bring your bidding algorithms
  • Custom SSP integrations
  • Custom DMP integrations
  • Real-time bidder stats
  • API and technical support
  • Dedicated bidder
  • Real-time bidder API
  • Realtime bidder health
    monitor & alerting system
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Full log access: requests,
    bids, wins, other events
    (video, pixel, etc)
  • Private cloud deployment
  • Bidder source code access

About Us

Striving for excellence

Company was founded in 2014 by ad tech and big data professionals. The team has been building private RTB solutions since 2008 for ad networks and exchanges.


Our mission is to provide the fastest and most reliable infrastructure for real-time bidding in the world, allowing people to save time and money, focus on innovations, and grow their businesses fast.


Constant improvement keeps the team and the platform up to date to the latest standards and landscape changes.

Platform in Numbers

Plans designed for every business
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