Advertising solutions

RTB and Direct Purchases (PMP)
Ensure full transparency: connect your own SSPs and publishers directly or through oRTB. Create Private Marketplace Deals to achieve your goals.
Precise Targeting
More than 40 targeting options (incl. Device IDs, Keywords, ZIP, GPS, and many more) make it possible to target only those who will provide the best value for you.
Advanced AI-Based Optimization
Let the advanced technologies do the routine work for you - optimize the campaigns on the fly to ensure a smooth media-buying process and achieve the desired goals.
Varieties of Ad Formats
Display, Native, Pops, Video, or Push — use a full range of the best-converting ad formats for mobile, desktop, web and in-app offers.
Ad Server
Connect our in-house Ad Server with an easy setup and use it to the full extent to help growing your business.
Built-in Traffic Quality & Malware Scanning Tools
Take advantage of quality and completely bot-free media buying using external (The Media Trust, IAS) and in-house anti-fraud filters.

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