Real-Time Bidding Platform for Digital Media Buying

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Platform.io DSP is an ultimate yet customizable white-label
RTB/XML/Header-Bidder solution for digital ad agencies, networks, and brands who strive to build a unique transparent and profitable media-trading ecosystem
Full customizabillity
Low start-up costs
Short time-to-market
How it woks

Use a programmatic
advertising to the full extent

What is required to build an innovative advertising buisness today
Full-Stack White-Label Solution (DSP, SSP, DMP, Header-Bidder)
Transparent ecosystem
Ultimate Targeting Options & Ad Formats
AI-based Optimization & Real-time Analytics
Data Export & Import
Custom Algorithms & Real-Time API
500 + Active clients
10 000 + Campaigns running
100+ bn Impressions devivered

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