Here are some new features and updates you can expect.

New Features

More clickable elements
To simplify your daily use of our product, names of campaigns, ads and other items are clickable now. You can easily access any items on the list you need just by clicking on its name.

Validation of dates
This new feature will prevent you from making any mistakes while setting up Ad Sets. In case you set up the dates exceeding those of the Campaign, you will get a warning message. Then you can adjust the dates accordingly.

Improved features

Enhanced breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs allow you not only to see your current location but also navigate within the platform easily. Just click the element in the breadcrumbs to access the page you need. Now you will see names not IDs in the breadcrumbs.

Updated Type content
From now on, when you click Add item to add a creative, in the Type option you will only be offered selections that correspond to the Ad Set channel.

Improved Targeting
Now there is no list of items for selection. Just start entering the name you need and a list of selections will appear.

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