We are excited to announce the release of Platform. IO. See what is new in the latest version.

New features

The new version comes with a new DSP feature. The DSP tab has been added to RBT Endpoint which allows you to connect to external DSPs you would like to work with in our platform.

We integrated PayPal into the platform for internal payments within the platform. Now clients will be able to make direct payments securely and easily, resulting in faster transactions.

Improved features

Improved Technologies and Carriers options
Now these options will update automatically according to requests. If there are no bid requests with some targeting parameters, these parameters will be excluded from the list of elements available for selection. In case you receive requests with these parameters, they will be included into the list.

Improved tables
· Our table data view has been updated. Not only it is now cleaner and easier to view, but tables are responsive making it easier to select and save your data.

· You can modify the table view in the main menu by configuring columns.

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